Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


email hiding. also email deprecation, but it doesn't do anything, so I hid it. You can now hide any of your emails you want, including all of them. Even people you're connected to can't see hidden emails. So, please, REGISTER ALL YOUR EMAILS.

description mouseovers on the editlinks and approvelinks pages. mouseovers were on editlinks a day or two ago, but now they're on both and there are more descriptions.

removed the list of unregistered email pending links on user pages.

switched lj links to /profile

profile metadata. You can add comments to all profile data. specifically useful for pictures and anniversaries, I suppose. maybe also IM names or something. whatever.

Bonus insight into my personality: if you can't be bothered to request your account be deleted, but just set your name to 'Delete me, please', I think you're an idiot who doesn't deserve oxygen, much effort on my part. You're really only worth my LJ scorn.
Tags: 6d
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