Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

today in i-hate-you-all news

link decay is now implemented.
Decaying a relationship that has an implied reverse will cause the reverse to decay as well (say, if you have 'has had sex with' someone, they'll have the same to you. if you delete it, theirs is deleted as well). Decaying a relationship that has a 'decays to' will change it to that (say 'Trusts' (a positive relationship) turns into 'Used to trust' (a negative relationship)). Those without a decays-to will be deleted. So, to delete 'Trusts', you have to delete twice. Deal with it.

With it, I've removed the user dropdown from the linking page. You can now enter an email (if you follow the link off your homepage), or link to a specific person (by following the link off their user page).

I'm in no rush to implement account deletion. I don't want to encourage that sort of behaviour.

I also colorized the link types. Negative links are now redish. positive links are slightly purplish.

The growth curve has bent back down. It seems to be back inline with what it was before the cult of shadesong joined (I've seen the link graph, that's the most accurate term).

Loree's handling the email now. And writing a faq. And keeping me from murdering anybody.
Two out of three isn't bad.
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