Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Other news

In other matters.. so, I upgraded to the tmobile MDA yesterday. I'm reasonably happy with it so far. I'll be trying to stay connected to MSN with it, you can find me at MartianCell@hotmail. AIM and Y!M are also set up, but the interface is more of a pain in the ass, so I'm less likely to make sure they stay connected.

Being able to stream music on it is really the bee's gorram knees.

One thing I'm not pleased about at all: email. To read my home email on it, I have to set up the tmobile website with access to my home IMAP account, and then the phone POs that proxy. This is STUPID. Also, I set it to check for new email every 10 minutes, then decided I didn't want it to do that anymore, and disabled the option. BUT IT KEEPS DOING IT. Anybody know how to disable that without deleting the account and redoing it?

One thing I'm slightly irritated by: closing an app doesn't actually closes it. just moves it out of view. so you end up with a large number of programs consuming memory. Lame.
Also irritating: if I open up the keyboard to type something into a field, sometimes another app will push its way to the front after a few keypresses. It's possible I might be hitting the button I designated for the start menu, but it seems unlikely to be happening so consistently.

And now I need a new usericon for my phone (and, now, phone-related) posts.

edit: HA HA! I deleted the account from My Email, and figured out how to manually add it as a direct imap connection. yay!
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