Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Don't underestimate the motivational power of mild irritation.

So, despite being sniffly and icky, I went shopping.
Got breakfast, then went to boeing surplus, then ikea, then the gas station, then fry's, then macy's, then lunch, now home.

boeing: various tapes, including some black-and-white striped. two pairs of wire cutters (cheap enough I won't care if the TSA eats them or they get lost). Another pair of tin-snip like scissors, 'cause I liked 'em. Two rack-mounting rails that should work with the proliants. Also found, but not bought: UltraSparc 10 units, without hard drive, for $50. One UltraSparc 2 for $15.

ikea: one more extra shelf for the living room shelves, plus three new living room shelves (we're going with a white/black alternating motif, you'll see).

gas station: citgo in renton. cheap stuff: $2.899. middle stuff: $2.999. expensive stuff? $2.999 as well. Wacky! Yay Venezualian socialists! or something.

Fry's: A pair of solid black Pelican 1010s, a solid black 1060, a 4-socket power adapter (to replace the crappy 2socket one I've got).

Macy's: nada. Found nothing of interest. Tho, if you pay for parking with your macy's card, you save 10%. So, now I have only a $7 credit on my card. heh.
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