Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I did not go to work today.
I will not go to work tomorrow.
I would like my chest to stop hurting.

I did set up the humidifier today. Finally.
I added various features to 6d. I don't remember what I've added today, that I haven't already mentioned, tho. The Site Notes page? the Links page is new, I know (just lists the types). I did the prepwork to allow decay of relationships (turning dating into dated without having to drop one and add the other, just drop the one and it turns into the other automagically) and relationships that don't need approval (mostly the negative ones). uh.. I.. went to the drug store and got drugs? I watched some tv.

tomorrow I shall actually log into work, I think. i hate missing this much work. it's really getting on my nerves. I mean, yeah, I'd rather not HAVE to work, but really, sitting around at home coughing up bits of my respiratory system is NOT a better alternative.

oh, hey.. on 6d.. there are two types of image upload. one is 'userpic', which will show up on your user and home pages in the upper left. you can have as many as you want now and it'll choose randomly every time. the other is 'picture', which will show up with the rest of your personal data on your user/home page, in thumbnail, linked to the full size image. Make sure you select the type you wanted. If you messed up, I can change them in the database, or you can just delete and reupload.
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