Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Success rate: 66%.

* did not get the humidifier set up, and loree is asleep now, so I don't think that'll happen.

* person-data page is MOSTLY done. you can enter string data and upload images. There's no validation. the data isn't displayed anywhere, EXCEPT the userpic (which will be displayed on your user page). datatype=epoch isn't being shown right now, 'cause I haven't written a calendar widget yet, and I don't want y'all entering string dates when you should be entering epoch seconds. Maybe I should just toss Date::Manip in there. Hm.

* Didn't agree on the $2200 couch, but we decided upon something else. Two chaises with an armless chair in the middle. Annoyingly, the armless chair isn't listed on the page there, nor on the tear sheet at the store. BUT, the chair was there. I sat in it. So. Should run about $1100, which means no outlay for me.

Other things done, which don't count 'cause they weren't on the list:
* went to grocery store for soda.
* went to drug store for sudafed. discovered the new meth-proof stuff is about $1 cheaper for an 18 pack than the 48pack of the stuff you have to go to the pharmacist to buy. I bought both, and will compare them.
* went to video store and bought a bunch of used DVDs and a couple of new ones.
* went to other grocery store and bought milk, 'cause loree asked for it. Also bought ground beef, bread, and a salad, 'cause I got hungry. Now I need to drive her out of the house for a few hours while I'm home, so I can cook the beef.

If we were to count the uncountable items, I would have a 200% success rate.

Sleep now.
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