Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


good night of party hopping.
went hopping with littlemystories and gfish and jonwa and ivolucien, then lost ivo to a room of "IVO!"s and then hollyqueen and hollyking caught up with us, and then gfish bailed, and then we found a good party. a couple of them, in fact. one with dancing and Something Purple, which is really good, and one more relaxed but with booze. So, I managed to get drunk, other people (*cough*) managed to get drooled on, some dancing happened, more drinking, I dropped a $20 donation to get every mix the DJ had of Rasputin played, yelling at tfabris (wait, i'm out of order) to get his ass there, getting him a drink, some "hey my turn" time with littlemystories 'cause I was feeling insufficiently jealous (no, that doesn't make sense, i'm drunk, shut up), some talking about whatever random things it was, attempts to name a drink (and subsequent failure), etc. yeah, good evening. /3am/. yeah, good.

night now.

OH.. so, I wrote that dodgeball thing. If you're here and want in on it, let me know. you need to be able to send email from your phone (to send me the phone number (hopefully it's part of the email address you send from) and the address at which I can mail your phone. i'll send back instructions on how to use it.
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