Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I've spent most of this weekend working on building my own 'social networking' website. Something vaguely akin to the original, with the additions I thought it needed at the time (must remember to add 'nemesis' to the relationship_types table...). Mainly for my own amusement. I wanted to have a prealpha up by the end of the weekend so I could tell you all to go play with it, but it's just not ready yet, and I'm tired. I've got it so we can create links, and we can create new accounts, but you can't claim more email addresses, and we can't move links associated to email addresses into links associated to people. Trivial stuff, but I'm not gonna get it written today. Maybe tomorrow night.

I also built layer two of the headboard. Well, most of it. I forgot to buy the plywood for the back panel. And it's not sanded or stained to bolted on. But it'll do for the moment, and can be finished later. I've got the material prepped for layer three, but the measuring and the drilling and such is tedious so I didn't bother assembling it. Maybe after I get the plywood. Maybe sometime this week.

Tomorrow, I have my first phone screen. I missed all of my shadows last week because I was out sick. I'm not looking forward to this. But we'll see how I do. I sent out mail internally last week asking for ideas, and got a few that I like up on my whiteboard. I'll have a little time tomorrow morning to come up with more. (SDE-type questions are one thing. webdev questions are another. Anybody know some killer weeding-out questions you can ask a web developer over the phone?)

uhhhhh... That's all, I guess. Sleepy time.

Oh.. css questions, that's a good idea. must remember to take css books back in with me.
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