Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Ok, so, I'll explain.

See, some time back, I made a cat5-o-nine-tails for eeyorerin. It was pretty simple.. 4 patch cables about 6' long, and one just over 3'. Fold the four in half, and wrap them all together with electrical tape. BUT, each and every line was a functional patch cable. I put little marks on the plugs so you could tell which went where.

So, as I'm going to sleep a couple nights ago, it occurs to me what the obvious design for v2 is.. Put a proper handle on it, and put a hub in the handle. Each tail is a separate cable and plugs into the hub, and then there's an uplink cable coming out the back of the handle. Of course, it has to be battery powered, 'cause you don't wanna hafta plug it in. So, one has to find a 10-port hub that'll fit into, say, a 1.5" diameter tube. And run on, I'm thinking, not more than 6vdc.

And so, the reason I asked about the handle balance? Which end do you put the batteries in? The obvious choice is the end away from the tails, and that seems to be the majority opinion in the poll, conveniently enough. Then you can make the end a screw-off cap and drop C cells or something into it.

Anyway, something I'll be poking at idly for a while.
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