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I seem to be a magnet for the weirdos on IM. Unfortunately, I didn't decide to record this until it was too late, so I lost the inane stuff at the begining. I'll just start you off when she started getting weird and I decided to mess with her, 'cause, hey, call me mean and I'll be mean. So, I twist a few facts, play a little ignorant, and MESS WITH THE DANES. Damn, I'm a cruel bastard.


[... discussion about my upcoming birthday, family, unmarriedness, and her friend. Then she asks if I believe in Jesus, and I say no, and she expected that, to which I respond "oh?" ...]

< i went out of my way to say ohhh i noticed that you have a birthday soon
< and your attitude tonight is not nice at all, i am trying to be nice and talk to you even though you are only centered around getting your problem fixed
> well, i'm sorry to disappoint.
< so that is why i figured you were not a christian and that your answer would be nope
< your attitude shows it all and if you want to continue to talk to me then you are going to have to make it worth my while

[... 5 minutes pass ...]
< ok the silence gives me the answer
< go have a miserable life and now i know why you are not married
> I've got a pretty comfortable life, and I'm not married because I don't believe in marriage. Neither does either of my girlfriends. But, thanks. Have a good evening.
< you have girlfriends and like more than one?
> two, at the moment.
< is that really fair to them?
> they seem to think so
< i would not want to be the second gf to a man
> well, I'm second boyfriend to one of them.
< do you have two gfs at one time so that all three of you can fuck each other?
> uh, no
> To the best of my knowledge, they have no such interest in each other.
< well you never know with men these days, no i mean you have two gfs so that you can have your pie and eat it too?
> You'd have to explain what you mean by that.
< ok this one girl in road to avonlea liked two men and her friend said to her, that is not fair and she said why not, i like having two men interested in me and the friend said its like having your pie and eating it too
> souunds like she was leading at least one of them on.
< you cant be with both men said the friend, its not fair to them, you are going to have to choose which one you want
> how narrow-minded.
< its narrow minded to have one gf or bf
> to believe that that's the only way, yes.
< its not fair to them
< you cant have your pie and eat it too, meaning you cant have your pie in front of you and have it be whole and also eat it, you either eat it or you save the pie
> .. yeaaaahhh.. not sure how the metaphore makes sense in this context.
> I have multiple girlfriends, each of them has multiple boyfriends. everybody's happy.
> well, usually. All relationships have problems, mono or poly.
< having two bfs or bfs at one time is not the way it is meant to be, its not right and its not what this world is supposed to be like, you find your mate and you marry and devote yourself to that one mate
> uh.. huh.
< you do not have your pie be whole on one plate and then also eat it, that is what i am trying to point out
> it sounds very posessive.
< and its not fair to the girls and or boys to do that, i know that indians do that, if their brother has a wife and the brother dies then he takes the wife as his second wife and no it is not, you fall in love and two become one
> I find two are better as two. At least if you're a whole person. I suppose I can see how one could be less than a full person on their own, but there are a whole range of therapies for that these days.
< are you saying i need t herapy?
> I don't know you well enough to judge. I'm just commenting on what you're saying. To borrow your pie analogy, for two to become one, they'd've had to've been half-pies to begin with. no?
< no you are getting my point
< the pie is whole, ok, the pie is whole, you either leave it whole or you eat it, you cant have it both ways
> so, two become one, and you have.. two pies?
< i am making two different points and you are putting them together
< the pie thing is one point and the two becoming one is a different point
> .. ok.
> but how can two become one without being less than whole to begin with? Does it really make sense to enter into a relationship with the intention of becoming less than you are?
< you are so messed up, you do not even know it, no i am not saying that you have one pie and then their appears two, the pie point is different and the two becoming one is another
> yes.
> I'm attempting to discuss your two-becoming-one point using your pie metaphor. How is becoming less than whole to engage in a relationship a positive thing?
< see both persons are less than whole and they marry and become one whole person in the sight of god, they take each others wekanesses and make them stronger as one
> ah, so they START as less than whole. ok.
> How... very sad for them.
< having your pie and eating it too is one point that i was making because you have two gfs
< and then i made another point about marriage, the two persons are less than whole and marry to become whole, that has nothing to do with pie
> yes, we've covered that.
< you are so mixed up you do not even know it
> At this point, I'm feeling bad for all the less-than-whole people in the world.
< pie and marriage have nothing to do with one another
< well i am a christian and you are not so of course you are not going to see my points
< you do not understand me at all and i am through with you and your mixed up mind
> ok. Well, have a good evening. I hope you learn how to be a whole person.
< have a good evening and i am sorry that i ever talked to you

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