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Hm. I'm gonna hafta hack me up a copy of xjournal to crosspost to livejournal AND my amazon blog, I think. ;;)

Anyhoo. Yay! So, my team is moving, see. We're losing our nifty space on 11 and moving down to the 3rd floor. Which has its good and bad points. BUT, there's this space, see, that the person facilitating our move was worried was just uninhabitable. See, it's a windowless cave, at the end of the hallway, with a door in the back leading to the elevator control equipment for the clinic-side elevator. It's a BIG space, but has NO natural light, and no door and NOBODY wants to sit in there.

Except me.

It's mine. ALL mine. It's about twice as big as my CURRENT bigger-than-most-people-get cube. I'll have to work out something for putting up curtains without hampering firefighter access (probably a tension rod or something), but WOO HOO. Now I need a couch. Maybe another lovesac.
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