Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Voice Post:

213K 1:02
“While I crawl through 405 northbound traffic trying to get to Frye's on a Friday afternoon, it occurs to me I could just ask people: if anyone knows a good place where I could get a <em>cheap</em> - operative word being <em>cheap</em>... but working - uuum, internal, slim-line slot-loading DVD reader - 't only has to read, doesn't need to write - such as one would find on the inside of a Mac cube, ah, let me know. Ah, I tried Re-PC they didn't have anything, I'm gonna hit Frye's, and see if they have anything. I may just end up buying an external, like, FireWire or CD, or USB rather, DVD, ah, drive, but, ah, I'd much prefer to have the, ah, y'know, cube working as it normally should. Ah, if you think of anything in the next, say, half hour or so give me a call, 206 851 3915, ah, otherwise, just leave a comment. Bye.”

Transcribed by: drakemonger
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