Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, back to shopping around. I'm using amazon to keep my list, 'cause it's convenient, and I already had one pre-populated. I'm sure I'm missing some options because they don't show up on amazon, but that's OK. The field is pretty wide as it is.

Here's my list. Thoughts?

I've noticed most of the negative reviews on these things are about customer service - which seems to suck more or less across the board, as I would expect - and features or addons that are 'missing' which I mostly don't care about. I really don't /care/ that something doesn't have a cablecard slot, I don't need it. [ I don't care that the channel guide is crap, I won't ever use it. Honestly, I don't even need a tv. I just need a monitor. The tuner, if any, will be set to a single channel at all times and never change. All of my tuning is done via the DVRs. ]

I was, for a little bit, leaning towards the Syntax, as it has the lowest price for a 1366x resolution. But it's an LCD, and I distrust LCDs. I'm very particular about LCDs, and - according to one review - they won't replace the screen until 7 pixels are dead. /One/ dead pixel is too much for me. If I'm paying a couple grand for something, I damned well expect it to be /entirely/ operational, not /mostly/ operational.

Anyway. Anybody have any comments on the units here, or suggestions for others I simply must look at?
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