Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Let me preface this by saying that anybody asking "why not save the money for something more important" or anything of the sort will simply be ignored. So NYAH.

loree and I were at Costco the other day and they have an Akai 50" plasma hdtv for $2400. I'd never heard of Akai before, but some quick research led me to expect it to be an acceptable unit. If anybody has evidence to the contrary, please let me know.

Now, $2400 is pretty close to what I was expecting, last time I was pricing out plasmas, to spend for a 42". So this caught my attention. It lacks HDMI input, but I could care less. I has XGA, DVI, composite, component, everything I need, and some things I want. And it's 50". And I can afford it. So, I was working out how I'm going to buy it. Since it's costco, I'll need to buy it on the amex. So we pay off the amex with the HELoC, as planned, then I buy the TV and pay it back off from my checking account. No problem. Move some money over from savings to balance things, since I've decided I don't really need the OQO and will never get around to buying it.

Now, today, I get mail from DealNews that Circuit City has a 42" Akai for $1500. Interestingly, a model which does not show up on Akai's website, so I can't get official specs. But, still, it's $900 cheaper AND of the size I was expecting to buy.

So, the question is... Do I go ahead and get the 50", which is bigger, and affordable, and known to be able to fulfil my requirements, or do I consider the 42", which means finding a circuit city that has one on display, going to check it out, making sure it meets my requirements, and - assuming it works out - getting a smaller unit, just to save some money?

I've got some time to decide. Tho I do worry how long the prices will remain valid.
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