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Today's job

I need to go back thru my inbox and post the various job contacts I've gotten recently. I think I should do this from now on. Meanwhile, here's one from today.

Hi Adam,

I found your resume on and I think the possibility exists that you might be a fit for our current needs at twenty-first century music. Consequently, I would like to schedule a 30 minute phone interview with you. Please let me know when within the next few weeks you are available for this.

Here's a quick description of our company:

twenty-first century music is a hybrid of an independent music label, fan community and direct ecommerce company; a new form of music label that augments traditional record distribution by building direct relationships with fans & consumers over the Internet and cell phones, augmenting and expanding beyond CDs to sell music in digital formats over the Internet and wireless networks, and expanding relationships with customers to include merchandise, live online events and e-ticketing capabilities.

We are starting with an existing music label and plan to bring together additional labels under a single umbrella. Complementing the content side of the company, we are developing an ecommerce web presence to sell artist's physical merchandise (CDs, t-shirts, etc), digital downloads, and unique packages of music offerings including ticketing and sponsorships.

We are convinced that direct distribution from artist to fan creates a richer and simpler experience for consumers, and is materially superior to the economics of the traditional physical distribution model, providing better value for consumers and artists.

You can find more information about the company and our open positions at:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Cohen
vp of engineering
twenty-first century music

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