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So, we're back to dory. I dunno about the hunky yet, but it's better than it was.

Was fun seeing Marilee, even with the unpleasant interuption to our date. Shouldn't get used to having her around tho, 'cause I miss her when she leaves.

I've decided I need to buy a new handheld. I want something with 802.11, a large-ish amount of storage (being able to use my microdrive would be a major plus), and preferable can run linux. Current front-runner is the iPaq 5455, which has 802.11b built-in plus a CF slot, and they're working on linux for it. dual-boot wince and linux would be coolest. Need to play with one in person before deciding tho.

Went to the Apple Store in belsquare with dana tonight. Came >< THIS close to buying a 17" iMac. Sigh. Some day.

Amazon's doingsome kind of deal with Cingular and RIM so we can get the new Blackberry 6210, which is a combo blackberry and cellphone. With it, I'd be able to access my amazon email, global address book, and calendar anytime anywhere within cingular's blackberry network. This covers WA, CA, and nowhere else I'm likely to go. $350 or something like that for the device, plus service ($20 each for data and voice, I think? maybe $30 for one and $20 the other), plus extra for WAP. I'm so VERY tempted, because a) MUST OWN GEEKY THING and b) it'd be DAMNED convenient to access all that stuff anytime without having to dial in to work. But I'm happy with my cellphone and with sprint, and don't want to pay that much money. But I will go in to see the Cingular and RIM reps tomorrow (they're on-site today and tomorrow showing the things off).

So, much to spend money on, not enough money to spend. Sigh.
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