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< hello! my name is kathrin ahlers, i am from germany, and i have an important question, please write back, thx :-)
> uh, ok. what's your question?
< do you know the lake washington blvd?
> I know /of/ it. I don't have occasion to drive it much
< ah ok
< do you know the house on 171 lake washington bvld?
> I do not, no.
< hm but the area?
> not that specific neighborhood, no.
< hmok! i am 18 years old and i am from germany. please dont´close the window, when you read my answer. i am a very very big fan of kurt cobain. i have not really the money to fly to seattle. that cost more than 1000 dollars. and i dont work, i go to school and my dream is it, to visit the house where kurt lived.
> ok..
< do you know if the house is there? someone told me it´s tore
> it would appear, from a quick review of local data, that it's still there.
< a quick review of local data? how can i found this
> I asked a few locals. searched google.
> etc
< and have you find out something?
> I found no evidence that the house had been demolished.
< that sounds good
< http://www.checkerstr...37/DSCN8467.sized.jpg
< that house?
> I wouldn't know. never seen it.
< ok
< thank u for your help
> no problem
< :-)
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