Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

a) Looking at going to Arisia next weekend. loree /might/ be able to go, beaq wants to go. A single person wanting a Deluxe King room could go for $300, if they're willing to suffer a redeye friday morning. /I/'ve no problem with that, but loree seems against it. We'll see what transpires when I can ask about taking the day off and scheduling and working it out against Sudden Unexpected Expenses.

b) We just agreed to buy the remainder of the windows for the house. Assuming becu doesn't laugh in our faces when we call about a refi tomorrow. If the house is worth what I think it is, we should be able to /at least/ pay off the windows (including those already done) and do the roof. So, we'll see. We have until midnight thursday to cancel without penalty, which should be enough to figure out if we can afford it.

c) This morning we had a plumber come out and jet the sewer pipe. He kindly sent a camera down as well and discovered that the clay pipe that starts a few feet out from the house and runs towards the street is in GREAT condition. The concrete pipe that runs the few feet out from the house has a great big hole in it and appears to be causing some subsidence under the deck. Depending who does the digging, we're looking at $700-$2000 to repair it. On top of the $460 we paid for rotorooter to snake the pipe xmas eve and the $440 we paid today for the jetting. (also, I think we'll be using the second guy from now on, as I like him better, and he's much cheaper).

d) Sleepy. Bed now.
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