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Martin Tithonium
07 September 2016 @ 09:43 pm
meeting with a potential hire. not the potential hire we've been trying to get hired for ages. So there's been some concerns about that, but not about the person herself. Had a 1:1 with boss. Had to say mean things, tell him he needs to damp down his enthusiasm, because he's sending the wrong message to his direct reports. Hated to do that, but there's being a person and there's being a manager and he needs to find a balance that doesn't cause concern. He heard me. I think he'll try. I think he'll fail, but that's okay. We'll help him.

Five more work days before I go on 'vacation' to move and deal with the impact thereof.
8 more days, 9 more nights living at Nerdvana. After which we live at Nördhöll.
Didn't get any packing done tonight, because Loree got on-called. We were going to pack up all the art. We'll do it tomorrow. And maybe prep bins for the remaining bedroom and kitchen stuff.

Trying to decide if I should disassemble the smaller wire shelving units. They'd be more compact, but also more fiddly. I dunno.