August 3rd, 2016

Book of Marty

3 Aug '16

very pleased with work progress. Other than needing to import a few gigabytes of data, the thing I've been working on for the past week is almost certainly probably maybe working.

Then took loree up to look at the Barn House, which we are now calling the Perfect House. And which we are going to make a misguided attempt to purchase. We love it so hard. We are not ready to be making offers on a house. If we were doing this right, we would empty out our house, put it on the market, sell it, get the money, pay off our debts, get a loan preapproved, then start shopping. We've sorta done it backwards. Because we aren't smart people, I guess. So we're going to pick an agent as quick as we can and have them write up an offer contingent on selling our place and getting a loan for the new one. Meanwhile we've contacted the mortgage broker to start things rolling there (including, I imagine, his eyes). We're desperately hoping that we can offer enough money to make waiting for our contingencies worthwhile to the owner.

We seriously need as much help as possible packing the house. One or both of us is out of town two of the next five weekends, but the rest of the time we're around it would be great if anybody were willing to help us pile stuff into boxes and move the boxes around. loree was working on organizing larger groups on weekends, but if anybody wants to pop in for an hour or five after work, let us know. ::)