July 4th, 2016

Book of Marty

4 Jul '16

Been doing a bunch of work writing code and cleaning up data to make my movie and tv collections work with Plex. Did some dishes.

Went to install the replacement DirecTV receiver. Knocked over my favorite mug. The big purple one with the dragon. That thing was amazingly well built. It only broke into /four/ pieces. Le sigh.

And then discovered that they sent us the same model of receiver that we already had.

See, Loree had called to ask for a replacement because it's been flaking out, and also I wanted a slightly newer model that supported their new moble dvr service. The need for a newer model was made clear repeatedly.
So they sent us an empty box, and left a voicemail saying we'd be charged for not returning the hardware if we didn't do it soon.
She called them again, clarified that they needed to send the new hardware /first/, and also that it needed to be the newer model.

So, after screwing up twice, and my general dissatisfaction with them (among other things, I'm tired of paying fees for service 'features' that shouldn't have fees, and don't cost them anything), I've decided to switch to Comcast and buy a Tivo. I'll be calling comcast tomorrow to start that part rolling, and once I've got confirmation, I'll order the Tivo.

Oh, and people are setting off explosives outside our house.

So, kind of a crap day, as it turned out.