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Martin Tithonium
19 July 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Imagine five computers.

Rigel - 1U server, 300gb hard drive with idiotic partitioning scheme. Everything-server: dns, mail, web, shell. Three network interfaces (two onboard, one PCI card)

Oort - 1U server, 160gb hard drive with inconveniently-small /boot partition. Personal server, media server. Two network interfaces, both onboard.

Vodopan - Huge ancient AT&T-branded tower case, antique version of Ubuntu (dapper). DB and MOO server.

Vanth - 1U server, replacement for Vodopan. Running Jaunty. Two network interfaces, both onboard.

Hylonome - DECtop. DHCP/Radius server, currently acting as NAT gateway for the internal network. Three interfaces (internal, external-comcast, external-speakeasy).

Hylonome is not routing traffic as fast as it once was. The best we can get when it's inline is about 2.5mbps, compared to the 30 I can get plugged directly into the cable modem. So, Hylonome doesn't get to do NAT anymore.

My plan is to get Vanth set up, and have it be the NAT box, at least for a while. See the problem yet? It only has two interfaces. I need a PCI network card to add a third interface to it. Out of the entire PILE of 1U servers I have, only one has a PCI network card: Rigel. Well, ok, simple enough. Rigel needs to have its hard drive moved to another physical machine, since its fan is noisy as hell. So, when I move the drive, steal the network card. Well, ok, except I don't wanna move rigel until I can repartition the drive. Except repartitioning the drive means a huge amount of downtime: shut down, copy the files off, repart, copy the files back, install in new machine, boot. Huge, at least, for my primary server. So. I had another 300gb hard drive lying around. It's now connected to Nyx (my new Eee900A, running ubuntu jaunty, netbook remix), who is rsyncing root@rigel:/ to the spare drive. THUS, I will have an almost-complete mirror of Rigel's drive, already on a disk that can replace the existing one, as soon as I'm ready to go. Sure, the rsync is taking forever, 'cause it's over the network, and over wireless no less, but that's ok. No downtime. SO. Finish the rsync. Prep rigel's new body. Shut down rigel, pop the old hard drive into the new case along with the new hard drive, boot off a CD. rsync again, change fstab and network interface parameters to match new hardware, boot, and all should be well. Then, yank the network card out of the old rigel and put it into vanth. THEN, finally, I can bring our network back up to full speed. The network problems started at least a week ago (I spent two fridays ago working with a comcast rep to try to sort them out before deciding it had to be a problem with my actual hardware), so this is gonna represent nearly two weeks of network impairment, just because I don't have the right hardware laying around. Oh, yeah, did I mention that the reason it's taken this long to get to the point of being almost ready to install Vanth is that the rack shelf I had is 10-32, and I didn't have any 10-32 cage nuts or screws? Yeah. Ordered some from deepdiscount.com, who I now like very much. And when installing the shelf, I found that the left side's holes didn't QUITE match the right side, which made installation annoying. It's not a shelf, btw, but I don't know what you call it. It's just brackets. Little part-shelves. It's the outer edges of a shelf, with no middle.

Anyway. I'm blithering. It's been that kind of weekend. Plus I'm now forced to retreat to my office, because loree wants to watch white-trash vampires.

Tonight: Copy hard drive.
Tomorrow: work, and set up new Rigel hardware. Also, setting up the switch in the rack. (It's another Summit48, but I've never even plugged it in, so I don't know how it's configured.) Maybe, possibly, if I'm up to it, actually do the rigel move. I'll post a note about the downtime before it happens.
Probably tuesday: more work. and hopefully setting up Vanth. Probably also moving Oort.