May 21st, 2008

Paul hunting Sandworm

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Yesterday I was thinking to myself

a) "The time for reading is over. The time for writing is at hand."

b) I should start a miniblog, exclusively about work and/or coding, and exclusively written in vague oracular one-liners.

c) I'd get about three posts in and then abandon it for lack of anything new/interesting/oracular to say.
Book of Marty

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The description of my tumblr accounts says:
With a permanent livejournal account, and a twitter account, a whole slew of domain names of my own, and the technical savvy to pound out a blogging system from scratch in a couple of minutes, do I really need another one of these?

I present to you The Oracle at Tithonium.
Half the code was taken from CyborgFolly. The other half was written at lunch.