May 20th, 2008

Popcap has money

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I 'spose I should note this as well.. Popcap's got job openings.

* Senior Product Marketing Manager

Studio – Alt Platforms:
* Associate Producer
* Producer
* Xbox 360 Dev, Lead
* Xbox 360 Dev

Studio – PC/Mac:
* Art Director

* Senior Executive Assistant to DR

* Facilities Manager

* QA Whitebox Engineer
* QA Automation Engineer
* (2) contract Blackbox testers
* Server Developer
* Applications/Tools Engineer
* Lead Applications/Tools Engineer
* Web Operations Engineer
* Senior Project Manager
* Client QA Lead

* Corporate Controller
* Accounting Manager
* Senior Revenue Manager

PC Online:
* PC Online Producer
* PC Online Senior PM
* Senior Flash Dev

(julzerator, I continue to poke at our recruiter viz assocprod.)
Gaming Machine

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In other news, arcturus appears to be gefucked. I doubt iPhoto managed to total the system, so I'm wondering if perhaps iPhoto's problems were a symptom of a ram issue.

Either way, it won't boot. Booting into mac it gets to the grey screen with an apple and ... stops. I left it there overnight to see if it got over it. It didn't. I booted into windows this morning and got something I don't think I've seen since the days of the 486... an 80x25 screen of random blinking blocks.

So... it's possible the new video card is screwing something up.
Or... it's possible there's something wrong with the RAM.

When I get home tonight, I'm going to swap out the 8GB of Kingston ram for the *sigh* 1GB it game with. We'll see how that works. If it doesn't help, I'll yank the second video card too. If both of those together don't work, it gets hauled into Apple, where I will be cranky with them.
Book of Marty

oh, thank you, amazon.

the kindle converter screwed up the formatting of the PDF of Little Brother, so it's unreadable. and now, it won't accept either the html or text versions, for no readily explained reason.

I took some zyrtec last night, since we had some on hand, and I'm still a zombie. dunno that it has helped any.
Book of Marty

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1) We sign the refi paperwork thursday afternoon. Thank the maker.

2) I just designed a logging slash error-reporting system with one of the other leads. Smallest meeting I've been in in a while, and the most productive.
Book of Marty

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Today I made corn.

We bought 8 ears at Tony's yesterday, put six of them into saltwater in a pot in the fridge, and the last two.. I experimented on a bit. We've got this big jar of minced garlic from costco.. I drained the liquid out of it into a tupperware container, added some of the garlic itself, added some salt, put the corn in, and added enough water to top it off. Put the lid on and into the fridge overnight.
Tonight, we grilled them. 58° is a bit chilly for grilling, but I wanted my grilled corn, damnit. One was cooked in-husk, and the other was in partial-husk (you know how, in the store, they pull the husk off one side so you can see the corn? like that) and aluminum foil.

It turned out okay, tho, I think the garlic juice didn't really add anything, and kinda clashed a bit with the dried roasted garlic I sprinkled on the outside.

I'm doing a second round, this time with the regular stuff, fully shucked and wrapped in aluminum foil. We'll compare.

Book of Marty

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ok, yeah, arcturus is fucked.
swapped out the ram, removed the new video card, pulled both hard drives and tried to boot of a cd.. nothing.

in verbose mode, the cd boot dies while loading Extensions.mkext.

So, I'll be taking it into the apple store this weekend.
And I will be unpleasant to anybody who suggests the third-party ram is to blame. Hi, been programming computers longer than you've know what one is, kid. Ram don't cause problems like this WHEN IT'S NOT INSTALLED IN THE MACHINE. And if putting 'inferior' ram into the system can damage the logic board, you have a SERIOUS design problem with your logic board.

Anyway, it's less than a year old, so it damned well better get fixed for free.