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Son of a Bitch

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fucking fucked fuck.

The toilet isn't draining properly. I plunged it, still no joy.

Hm. Ok, no, it's draining, just REALLY SLOWLY.

Go downstairs to listen to the pipe, see if I can hear where it's clogged.


There's a puddle, about 7" deep at the back wall (there's a sudden slope), extending about 10' out, into the piles of laundry. Thankfully, the laundry is mostly in baskets. Thankfully, the water is clear, except for the floor detritus floating in it. Unfortunately, the sump pump drains into the sink, which is not draining, so much as leaking onto the floor.


loree and I are going to the Monaco for the night, what with the enjoying going to the bathroom and all.

I'm glad I didn't buy the RAID yet...
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