Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Maribou [to Marsmench]: Anyway, it's good for you when people are mean to you
Marsmench says to Maribou, "not when it hurts my feelings"
Maribou [to Marsmench]: it keeps your head from bursting like a balloon
Marsmench hrmph
Maribou [to Marsmench]: oh bah
Maribou [to Marsmench]: You are far too wonderful to be so easily punctured, dear
Maribou pets you.
Marsmench becomes AngstMonkey.
Maribou grins.
AngstMonkey says to Maribou, "I was going to make an lj post on that topic"
Maribou [to AngstMonkey]: you should
AngstMonkey says to Maribou, "I don't have many buttons, and most are very hard to press. but some people come with WD-40 on their fingers."
Maribou [to AngstMonkey]: i am all for lj posts this evening
AngstMonkey says to Maribou, "well, unfortunately, that was the gist, and the whole text, of the post. so."
Maribou [to AngstMonkey]: well, you should cut and paste it then
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