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First off, it's a little under 478 standard earth days until my 16th birthday. 465 martian days. As you probably know, I'm planning on throwing a really REALLY big party for it. I'm still trying to figure out the nature of that party. Trollhaven has been suggested (I'd link to the site, but it hasn't been particularly useful for some time now). Nobody else has really put forth any ideas. So, consider this a call for suggestions. edit: Conditions: It needs to be something that people can /get/ to without spending a lot of money (so, let's say, within a reasonable driving distance of seattle, ferries are ok. flying is not.). It needs to be somewhere that's not too expensive to rent, or that's cool enough people aren't going to mind paying to attend. I'm not likely to want to spend more than $2k or so, after donations/fees/whatever.

Poll #631811 What should we do for my 16th Birthday

What should we do and/or where should we do it?

Second, it's a little over 443 standard earth days until my 30th birthday. I've decided I need to change my name at or around that time. So... I've got this poll, which a lot of people have responded to. But I think I'm gonna clear all the responses, reformat the options a bit, and start it over. Before I do that, please feel free to suggest new options that don't yet appear. Conditions: 1) Some part of it needs to be able to turn into 'Marty', so people don't continue asking how 'Marty' ties to my real name. 2) The spelling needs to either be clear when hearing it, or completely unclear when hearing it. don't want people thinking they know how to spell it and then completely ignoring me when I spell it for them. I can't tell you how often I say "Smyth, S M Y T H" and people write down "Smith".]

Poll #631812 Suggest a name

What name doesn't appear in my poll that you think should?

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