Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I am a pretty, spiny girl

I have my new earrings. I'll get you pictures eventually. I'm counting on irgth applying his photographic genius at the new years party so I can have a replacement for my previous lj icon.

And, by a convenient coincidence, my new pajamas arrived today. They're a tad long in the leg and short in the torso, but they're surprisingly comfy to lay around on the couch in. The zip-up front is a tad inconvenient for having quick sex with people at parties, but since nobody's tried to do that yet, I guess this isn't a problem. The fit is a little irritating under certain conditions, but it may be correctable. Overall, I like them so far.

Update: Earring pics. I uploaded a couple pics of me in the PJs, but you can't see the feet, and they're friends/family only, so most of you won't see them.

Update Update: Unless you have an account, and add me as a contact, so I know to add you back, and want to, and get around to it, etc.
Tags: earrings
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