Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Voice Post: Jonathan Coulton knows who I am! or, would at least recognize me in a crowd. Or would at least recongize me if we were alone in a room. Maybe.

189K 0:53
“Oh my FUCKING god that was fabulous.
So, Joh Hodgman came to speak at an Amazon fishbowl. I went, a) because I saw him on the Daily Show and hey, that was kinda cool; but mainly /just in case/ Jonathan Coulton was with him, 'cause Jonathan Coulton's been kinda touring with him a bit. Jonathan was here. He performed a couple songs; at the end he performed Baby Got Back. During the signing, I asked him if he would kindly perform Skullcrusher Mountain, which he did... accoustic... for me... in front of me... as I'm sitting directly in front of him in the front row. He also signed my book, along with John Hodgman. And, uh, oh my fucking god. We just sat there and chatted for a while while the, uh, signature line dissapated, and ohhhhhhh.. This, uh.. this was a Very Good Day.”

Transcribed by: tithonium
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