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I love WaMu

If you need your money, you can't have your money.
If you don't need your money, you can have your money.
If you work for a tech company, and once or twice a year, if you're VERY VERY LUCKY, have an unusually big check to deposit, you can have your money. In two weeks.


Ok, so, it's not QUITE that bad. But of my $10,366.48 check from Scwhab, deposited into my checking account with $19, I can have $100 immediately, $4900 in 5 business days, and the rest in 11.

Because, if the check is fake and I disappeared to mexico, they'd be out $10k. How sad for them. HOW FUCKING SAD FOR YOUR 36 BILLION DOLLAR MARKET CAPITALIZATION. It's only a check from fucking Charles Schwab. I'm sure you've never heard of them. It's only got fifty-eight different authenticity marks on it, including that funky disappearing ink.

Ok, done now.
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