Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I'm not journalling enough, even when I have stuff to say. Friday was cool. I'm on my way to dig's to take her to nr's party.. Crossing the west seattle bridge, it's bright and sunny to the east and south, white and light blue in the sky. Daytime. West and north, the cloud edge is right above me, it's night. No question, dark night. Downtown is trying to hide behind a haze of rain. I get to downtown proper, taking I5, and find myself in a typhoon, a good old fashioned rainstorm. It's BARRELING down. I can barely see the road - thank god for road braille. It thins out to merely bucketing as I leave downtown, and normal rain in the udist. By the time I get to northgate it's sprinking. Pick up dig, and back south, the rain getting harder as we go, but never back to buckets. But the time I'm driving people home from the party it's sprinkling everywhere. THIS is the weather I came here for, and have been disappointed for most of my four years here. This is the weather I miss from back home. This is the weather I live for.
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