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After the desecration of my flesh, we went to Bellevue Square. Hit Lush, hit Fireworks, had dinner, then wandered around a bit. Eventually tfabris and I ended up in the Apple store. I finally got to play with one of the new iPods. Very sexy. I did not lick it. I was going to wait until I actually had the check from Schwab in my hands before ordering it, but I looked at the check /has/ been sent, so I should have it tomorrow. So, I'm poking around on Apple's site. And I've run into the second big hurdle (money was the first): laser engraving. Two lines of max 27 characters each. What do I put? First thought was ("Meson II" / "of Martian"). The iPod will be named Meson II, as the successor to the now-dead Meson, you see. eeyorerin suggested "property of cranky alien dictator. do not mutilate", which /will/ fit as ("Property of Cranky Alien" / "Dictator. Do not mutilate."). ("Property of the" / "Hegemon of Mars") works too.

See, I tend to get Stuck whenever faced with a permanence problem. Why haven't I changed my name? 'cause I don't wanna do it twice and I haven't found a last name I love yet. Why does it usually take me between hours and days to name a new server? 'Cause I don't feel right renaming a computer without a complete system wipe. Why do I fret over what to engrave on an mp3 player? 'cause you can't unengrave it particularly well.

So.. what the hell:
Poll #611721 What should I have engraved on my iPod?

Line 1

Line 2

Also, go vote or suggest another option. ::)
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