Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, yeah.

Yesterday, went and picked up beaq, then vixyish and tfabris, and went to Apocalypse Tattoo. While paperwork was prepared, we saw in the display case a set that are exactly perfect for me. They're metallic magenta, with little tiny spines. Yes, they're EXTREMELY reminiscent of my claws. So, JJ - the piercer - adjusted his plans to punch 14g holes in my head into plans to punch 12g holes in my head. And then did so. It hurt, as expected. But that passed quickly. Mostly now I'm just freaked out by having weight hanging from my ears. I'm sure I'll adjust in time. Now I just need to relearn a lot of my physical habits, such as how I scratch my ears and how I lean my head on my hands, and how I use my cell phone. And, in a month or so, I'll go back and get the spiny earrings, and all will be well.

tfabris took pictures, so nag him to get them up. ::)
Tags: earrings
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