Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

You hand vixy the phone.
Marty taps idly on the screen, where vix is the one who suggests this whole adventure.
vixy says, "nuh uh!"
Marty |
vixy says, "I don't think 'you'd look good with pierced ears' translates to 'it's my responsibility to set that up for you.'"
Marty says to vixy, "You should get your ears pierced!"
Marty says to vixy, "direct quote. ::)"
vixy says to Marty, "that doesn't mean it's my job to make it happen for you!"
Marty says to vixy, "sure it is."
vixy asks of Marty, "if I told you you should jump off a bridge, would you do that too?"
vixy says to Marty, "you should give me a thousand dollars!"
Marty says to vixy, "if you told me to jump off a bridge, and I decided I was jumping off a bridge, I would, in fact, declare that you were responsible for making the arrangements."
Tags: earrings
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