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Meanwhile, I got pages a bit over an hour ago to call into a concall at work.
There's a Really Big Problem, and to deal with it, we need to update a page on the site. The page is part of a feature that my old team handed off to another team months ago. But they haven't launched the new version yet, so they have to make the fix in the old version. Which none of them have actually worked in before. I don't have my laptop with me tonight. So I've been on the phone with their engineer for the past hour so I can talk him through setting up his desktop to test the change, then how to deploy the change. Most of it has been waiting, of course. Running deployments, seeing problems, changing config, redploying, etc. But still. I can't go to bed until he's got the problem fixed.

I'm wondering if we wouldn't've been better off with me driving into the office and fixing it myself. It's not the engineer's fault, of course. There aren't that many people left at the company who've worked on the old platform. Plus, it just takes time to push packages around to set up a proper test environment, when one hasn't had a need to set one up before. But I've already dealt with this stuff before, and have an environment set up already, so.. I dunno. anyway. Blah.

At this rate, I think I'll be sleeping in tomorrow.
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