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Talked to the parking guy today. The waitlist for the Pacmed garage is 3-4 months. BUT, I'm told I can park day-to-day and expense that while I'm on the waitlist.

Then, deskside doesn't have DVI to VGA adapters. so I can't connect my second LCD to my laptop's docking station. I think I've got one that came with Sedna... somewhere. But I think I'll pick one up at Fry's this evening.

I need to go to Fry's so I can look at hard drive prices. Oort's hard drive is throwing errors. Interesting failure mode brought it to my attention: the filesystem was remounted readonly and refused to be set back. SO, I shut him down and need to get a new drive. Old drive is 9gb. Smallest I've found online was 40gb, at a cost of >$1/gb. Looks like the pricepoint these days is around 200-300gb, which you can get for around $.4/gb. I found a 60gb online for $40, and a 200gb for $78.82. Gonna pop down to Fry's and see if they have anything better, or at least comparable that I can have /now/. I'm thinking I may try to find a new 120gb to put into Rukbat to get the raid back up and running safely. I kinda hate to do that, 'cause I still wanna build the Big Raid and don't wanna spend money on drives I don't strictly need, but the Big Raid is still too expensive.

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