Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Definitely from the 'more money than sense' file..

Macy's had a sale a few weekends ago, and loree and I went and spent way the hell too much money on my Macy's card.
Mostly, I wanted a couple comforters I saw, and some luggage.

They didn't have the luggage. They're supposed to call me when they have it. It's purple, see?

I got the comforters. One was actually a comforter, but could only be bought in a Bed-in-a-Bag set. But, $45, no problem.

The other was a duvet. So I had to buy a comforter to put it on. But I /really/ wanted it. It's purple and pretty and soft and I like it a lot.
So, I developed a sort of blind spot as to its price.
Turns out, the duvet is the single most expensive piece of the set, by a good margin. $340, regular price. Plus the comforter. It turns out, upon reviewing the credit card bill, that I spent $171 on the comforter and $225 on the duvet. $400 on a blanket that I can't use at least a third of the year.

There's something deeply wrong with me.

The silver lining is that the macy's card's got a pretty good interest rate.

Also: the dog ripped a hole in said $170 comforter (but not, oddly, the duvet), so I can't use it at /all/ (I'm really not keen on getting the filling all over the room). *sigh*

I really should just go live in a shack on a hillside.
Tags: money, shopping
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