Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Phone screen today. Went ok, they want an inperson monday. turned it down. Too middleware.

Interview today. Seemed to go well. He seems not to mind the idea of waiting a couple months for me to poke around in plogs and get bored. Seems interesting. Seems challenging. Seems very big fish in very small pond. Seems very small pond with rapids, and sharp nike-branded rocks. But very tempting.

Then meeting, which involved raised voices in much argumentative complete-agreement. It boiled down to: it should work like it is, must be a bug somewhere. Der.

Then talked to ex-boss-soon-coworker. Saw my soon-cube. Is nice. She knows me so well. They're so good to me.

Now I need to convince soon-boss that it's in his own best interests to go drinking with us tomorrow.

Speaking of: drinking tomorrow.
Barca? Elsewhere? Barca is new default, until I find Scott's place.
Tags: work
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