Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

No, it will take too long. Let me sum-up.

Today I got up at 9 local, showered, got dressed, went to get breakfast. They'd shut it down. It's supposed to serve until 10, it was over by 9:20. Maybe I had the schedule wrong, I dunno.
So, read comics, pack bags, check out. Go to LJS. Not open yet. Go to Spangles. Mmm, Diet Dr Pepper on tap. Went to Towne East Mall. Played with big-plasma-touch-screen directory system, cute. Bought candy. Made phone post about FedEx truck. Drove around downtown. Took mom to lunch. Saw mom's work. Discussed UPS options. Saw paper cutter. Giant hydraulic scissors cutting a ream at a time. Mmmm. Went to LJS to use coupon, 'cause I HAVE A COUPON, DAMNIT. And to say goodbye. Said goodbye to LJS counter-people. Drove K-96 -> I-135 -> I-235, circumnavigating wichita to the north. Went to Towne West Mall. boring. Drove north on Ridge Road.... to the next county. Turned around in Sedgwick. Drove to airport. Turned in car. Checked in. Checked bag. Went to bar. SSID of local wifi node: 'free'. Keen.
Had chicken fingers and baileys-in-milk (really half+half). Now sitting at gate.

Bathroom break.

Map (bad geocoding on towne west, dunno about rest)
Tags: reunion
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