Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

My side of an IM conversation from tonight.

Marty: so, last night I had been joking with Christina about the cash bar probably being expensive and how people probably woudln't drink much. I said they just needed to find a nice boy to pay for them.
Marty: then ammended "but only females." "Right" "And only the cute ones." "And only the single ones. Some of us aren't into that poly thing" "Ok, fair enough."
Marty: so tonight at the bar, she made a comment about how I hadn't paid for any of her drinks.
Marty: I think I'd said something to her about her not drinking enough or something.
Marty: anyway, I asked for that comment. it was fair.
Marty: i'd also been talking to Emily about something, can't remember what
Marty: probably something similar about drinking. or something, dunno.
Marty: but she said she needed a beer.
Marty: SO, I stood up on the footrails of a pair of stools, got the bartender's attention, said that their (christina and emily's) tabs were mine now, and also she (pointing to emily) needs a beer.
Marty: well, christina didn't /have/ a tab, as it was on her husband's, but she thanked me anyway.
Marty: I stood down and emily said something about I need to show some boobs to get the bartender's attention
Marty: so I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt and she turns away in fright, in fitting with the joke.
Marty: then I close up and say "Hey, wait, I just bought /your/ tab. Shouldn't YOU be showing ME?"
Marty: I can't remember the specifics of the intervening conversation, but it boiled in the end down to "hey, you have that Mustang? Ok, meet me there at 2"
Marty: As the bar people are kicking us out, I say to her "So, you didn't mean it, right?"
Marty: since, I hadn't /actually/ taken her seriously. Tho, the lizard brain, he takes EVERYTHING seriously, 'cause he's really STUPID.
Marty: she said well, she'll have to see what rae wants to do (Rae Ann, who rode with her, as well as Traci (y? can't remember) who was riding with them). But, hey, is it one of the new ones? she had a mustang as her first car out of high school apparently, or first car she bought or whatever.
Marty: so, walking to the cars, they take a route that follows me past mine (they're in the next row, so it makes no difference left or right, 'cept that left follows me near mine). she says oh, yeah, it /is/ a new one.
Marty: and they get in their car and drive off.
Marty: tho, rae's driving, and it didn't even occur to me until then that I could have offered to drop her whereever she likes, if she really wants a ride.
Marty: so. feeling, as usual, stupid and unsocialskilled. and depressed, from the sobering.
Marty: and possibly from feeling slightly lonely.
Marty: lonely is stupid. no reason to feel lonely at this exact point other than having had expectations, and should not have had expectations, 'cause had conflicting expectation of nothing.
Marty: so, much angst over being stupid.
Marty: stupid boy.
Marty: hate boy
Tags: reunion
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