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Voice Post:

261K 1:20
“Well, first off, I found out who it was. Um... That was actually, that was pretty good, I'm just now leaving, it's 12:20, uh, I got there a little after 7, I believe. Ummm, so, uh, pretty good, pretty good schtick, pretty good party. Ummm, yeah. Several people were drunk, and therefore a little friendly, friendlier than I would have uh, uh, otherwise expected from them, but that's okay. Uhh... Had, had good chats with several people, uh, several people very uh, very honestly friendly at least, uh, regardless of, uh, how drunk they may have been. Umm... Anyhoo, yeah, that was, it was good, it was good. Umm... Also, as an aside to loree, it's 12:22 AM, Sonic is not only open, they take debit cards at the drive-in right now. There's a little, y'know, debit card reader, it'll take credit, it'll take debit, it'll take Sonic cards. So, neener neener, neener neener, I'm getting a bacon cheeseburger... tots... mozarella sticks, and a soda. And YOU AREN'T 'cuz there are no Sonics in Seattle. Neener neener. Neener.

Transcribed by: multiple users
Tags: reunion
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