Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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Voice Post:

291K 1:28
“So, I'm at the bonfire... And, uhhh. s'actually kind of a nice place, uh. Justin Smith's, uh, property out here is, y'know, nice big space. He's got a.. big barn that everybody's kind of gathered in, 'n a fire going out towards the back of the property. S'pretty cool...
I've just been apologized to by someone who I can't recognize, and I'm not sure who the hell it is... Uh, for stealing, my, my organizer back in 7th grade. Technically stolen. He /found/ it after I'd lost it, and he kept it rather than giving it back. I forgave him, I absolved him of his sins.
But, uh, we actually had an enjoyable conversation, but I still have no freakin' idea who he is... Y'know, I'm gonna have to try and figure that out. *laugh* Unfortunately, I never really got the chance for "Who the Hell are you?". Anyway.
Um, that's just kinda how it goes, I'm sure you understand.
Uh, I'm currently hanging out over by the bonfire, 'cause there's noone out here right now, and I'm starting to get a little, just a little, partied out, for the moment. I will head back in soon, or wait for people to come out here, or something.
Gigantically huge fire. I took some pictures, I'll try and get those posted. Hopefully they'll come out. Damned hot, tho, if you stand right next to it.
Anyhoo, uh, *laugh* more later, probably, bye bye.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
Tags: reunion
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