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I talked to BM. He's happy to rehire me if I quit, assuming he's allowed to.
I talked to BMc. /His/ understanding is that the blockage was somewhere in senior management, and that VR was working to resolve it.
For those wondering, my management chain goes MS->BMc->JH->SS->VR->JK->Jeff.
BMc has a meeting tomorrow with JH to discuss the situation. /I/ expect that's when he'll find out the transfer's been blocked.

The upshot, however, is that I'm not gonna find out wtf's going on for a week. See, I leave early tomorrow to get my eyes done, then I'm in kansas until monday, and my flight back gets in so late I'm not planning to come into work on tuesday. AND I can't go storming into SS's office to make my demands, since I don't /know/ that it's him blocking me.

So. Waiting is.

Meantime, I've mailed two headhunters, contacted a friend who's both sent my resume to friends at google (they have a kirkland office, apparently), and who's going to have lunch with me next week to talk about the company she's now with.

Meantime, I'm developing a headache. And I'm getting my hair done after work. And I'm hungry.
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