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I got my compensation statement, the result of my reiew, on tuesday. I finally read thru the fine print last night, and I'm even more unpleased now than I was when I first got it. Bordering on displeased. Best case, a $2,100/y pay cut. Best case. AND it'd dependant on both MY performance AND the company's financial performance. Worst case, $5000/y pay cut. Meanwhile, the first vesting of the newly granted restricted stock doesn't happen for more than TWO years (august 2005).

Again, the little form has tables showing how much money I'll make when I sell off all my vested options and restricted stock at various prices. And again, I have to say that telling your employees that if they want to keep making as much monney as they used to, they have to sell off any interest they have in the company as soon as it vests, is NOT a good way to build a sense of ownership and loyalty. It's a good way to breed mercenaries who'll jump ship the moment a better offer comes along.

I was sufficiently annoyed last night that I updated my resume on monster. Last time I did that I got five calls in the first week. Of course, that was two years ago. I don't really want to leave my jobs.. I like the people I work with (most of them at least) and like most of what I do, and I'm working on a project I really care about. But it's hard to feel like the company gives a damn whether I'm around or not (ok, obviously, it doesn't. It's a big company and Bezos wouldn't know who I was if I introduced myself to him, but you know what I'm trying to say).
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