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Martin Tithonium

Went to Mozart's Requiem at benaroya tonight. My boss is in the choir, and got free tickets. last row orchestra, but still good. Was a good peerformance, but I start to wonder if there's a rule that soprano soloists have to wear gaudy outfits and sing badly. This one wasn't nearly as bad as the one in Tacoma, but still.

During intermission, I realized it was definitely not my crowd. 90% of my subculture, I realized, was at con.

Maribou convinced me that it made more sense to fly her out here in early may to help me clean the bunker than to spend the same amount or more on toys from thinkgeek. I accept her argument on the ground that it'll make room for more toys from thinkgeek. Found a fare that I like, flight schedules that work. Now just need to get approval from swsnbnimja.

I'm having trouble writing a mix disc. It keeps crashing the writer every time. Can't figure out why. Switched to CD-RW for testing. Will try a different app next.
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