Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, yeah.

So, as of yesterday dianthus and I are on hiatus. Or, as I think she enjoys putting it, I dumped her. I prefer not to put it that way, 'cause it sounds a lot more sudden than it really was. More realistically, we finally admitted that we haven't really been /dating/, as such, for a while, and that I'm not really bringing much, if anything, to the relationship. I'm broken - EMOTIONALLY AND NEUROLOGICALLY, thank you very much - and have been for a while and show no sign of getting over it any time soon. Basically, I'm just not in a space where I can engage meaningfully in a serious relationship anymore. No, I don't know what the cause is (I'm on enough different drugs that any of them could be involved or the mix of them could be. I'm sufficiently bored with my job and by extension my existance that THAT could do it. etc), and NO, I'm not interested in attempting to hash it out with your help, thanks. I'm just letting you know.
Tags: girls, relationships
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