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First, you've likely noticed that these showed up on my livejournal. If you didn't (and you read my LJ), something's wrong with my new posting code. Comments there are disabled, but it links to the real site where comments can be posted. It was agreed this was a better solution than a separate RSS channel.

Second, I've gotten a couple responses to the car computer thing (which I appreciate, guys!) and thought I'd explain what I want a little more. I want a general computer. I want it to play MP3s thru my stereo, I want it to talk to a GPS receiver and tell me where I am and where I'm going, I want (eventally, when the service becomes affordable to me) to access the internet and check traffic maps and movie listings and livejournal (frex). I could get the first two in dedicated systems, but the car is one place I'm in favor of consolidating functionality into as few devices as possible. It needss a large enough screen to be used while driving, it needs a keyboard, and I'd like it to have a touch screen.

No, there are in-dash monitors and dvd players with neat pop-out screens, and some are touchscreen, but I don't know how well they could be tied into a computer (I suspect not at all). It needs to draw power from the car, and put itself into hybernate after the car shuts off (but only after checking for my local wireless net and syncing to base). It needs to come on /quick/ when I start the car. It needs to run Linux. It needs a big hard drive and 802.11b. It needs to tie into the car's onboard sensors to give the car's status. It needs to not void my waranty.

There are probably other things I want from it that I can't think of right now.
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