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So, Orkin came today to install a new vapor barrier in the basement crawlspace, as the old one has been covered with rat/mouse droppings and is just a great big Vacancy sign for the neighborhood. We've got a separate appointment /next/ thursday to do the attic (where they've been nesting in the insulation. it's.. nasty.). While they're crawling around under the house, the installers find termite damage. It's just a piece of a foundation post that a support post is resting on, it hasn't compromised the structure, but we need to deal with it before it does. SO, now we'll have TWO crews here next thursday, one doing the attic, and another taking care of the termites and finishing the vapor barrier work.

The original rough estimate was about $5k for all the work. It turned out the attic wasn't nearly as big as he thought it was, once he got in there to measure today, which cut about $2k off the total, but then the termite work adds $1900. But, the good news is, it's guaranteed, and monitored, and if it doesn't work they'll redo the treatment free.

So, the termite problem shouldn't be a problem, and the rodent problem should be fixed within a matter of months. Possibly less, if we can track down all the places they're getting in. We've already foamed a couple of holes.

Anyhoo, grump!
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