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Status Report

It is now bedtime at 1am on sunday and we have not started painting nor started assembling the bed frame.

So, today we went to home depot, bought wood and screws and other supplies, then came home and unloaded, then went to another home depot and bought more screws and stain and a belt sander and such. Then went to the pet store for dog food.
Then came home. loree started cleaning the bedroom out, while I started measuring the wood. Then she helped me cut it. Then I started drilling holes. And THEN I discovered somewhere, something had come out wrong. So, tomorrow I'll get some more wood to correct that problem. So, I abandoned the bedframe for the day, and came in to work on the bedroom (Since I was only building half of the platform [we're building it in two pieces], I could have finished it with what I have on hand, but I was frustrated). We've /just/ finished with tearing the bed down. Or, rather, it's almost finished, as parts of the old frame will have to be destructively disassembled, apparently, as the screws holding them together refuse to unscrew. Tomorrow we'll take the rest of the frame out, move the dresser out, and we can start painting if we decide to bother. If we get any people over to help out, we'll probably go ahead and do both projects. If not, there's no way either will get finished without both of us on it, so we'll likely just do the bed. The painting can be done by one person, but the bed is just really a two-person effort. At least with our current setup.
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