Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I hate it when people don't listen to me

So, we're in a war room of some sort, and we're trying to convince the People In Charge that we're all doomed. See, apparently I'd been on some expedition looking around the universe and found that some long-dead civilization's relics have been telling us about this imminent doom all along. And I proved it to them. And they didn't believe me. It wasn't until this not-clearly-defined Doom showed up that they started to come around. It arrived in the form of something like Unicron.. a big machine eating planets. It attacked one of our colonies, killed thousands, made a mess.. then stopped. Then the.. person, I guess.. controlling it gave a simple ultimatum. Evacuate or die. Leave the planet immediately, give it over to him, or the planet would be destroyed. So, of course, people left. STILL the military guys aren't convinced it is what /I/ said it is. Until he comes after another colony. Doesn't even attack this time. Just kinda hovers there, and - here's an interesting twist - takes all the ground transports. Same deal as last time, tho I think it's gonna be a LOT HARDER now. Great. Now, even people on the street start putting it together. From that colony to this colony, hey, he's making a straight line for Earth!

Now, me and the people in charge and various other folks are on this little moon over here, probably safe. But they're evacuating anyway. I've become a bit of a pariah, as I suppose accurate doomsayers tend to.

Around then, I woke up.
Tags: dreams
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